Christel and Hubert | Jan 01, 2023

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Christel and Hubert from Germany have been members of HomeLink since 1983. They have done more than 50 exchanges and have even written a book on home exchanging. Here’s an excerpt from Chistel’s book:

"During the Corona Pandemic, which made traveling very difficult or even impossible, I was able to travel only in my mind. That time was an opportunity to recall our 38 years of home exchanges. My husband and I exchanged memories about them, selected photos, watched videos of our exchanges and then reported on them.

Most encounters with our exchange partners and their friends were so moving that I will never forget them.

We have exchanged our home more than 50 times with great enthusiasm and have spent eventful holidays away from the tourist strongholds. Through home-exchanging, we were able to feel at home in many parts of the world. I don't want to create a travel guide with these memories, but capture beautiful experiences with people who my husband and I met and whose hospitality made unforgettable stays and encounters possible."

Home exchangers from the USA, Australia, Iceland and many other countries spent their holidays in the Klemenjak family home, allowing us to feel at home in so many countries around the world. This is how wonderful and long-lasting friendships were formed. "Living like locals" for several weeks was always a great, often exciting, experience and an extraordinary opportunity to get to know new cultures and ways of life and to enjoy warm hospitality.

How beautiful the world would be if it wasn't just home exchangers who treated each other in such a trusting, fair and uncomplicated manner!

Such is the generous wish of the author, who would like to continue home exchanging for as long as possible.

Christel & Hubert's Home

What do Christel & Hubert love about HomeLink?

"Home exchange is not only friendly to the wallet but also to the environment. For this kind of gentle tourism, landscapes do not have to be spoiled with hotel complexes, because "HomeLinkers" usually live away from the tourist hustle and bustle in existing apartments or houses.

This type of vacation is also economical, because when we travel, nothing is lost. We leave, but guests come o our city, shop here, eat here, attend cultural events, maybe spend more money than we would have. We lure vacationers to our country and city with each exchange."

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